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5 super easy morning hacks, to have an awesome day!

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A morning routine for anyone
Here’s our take on a morning routine that will help sports stars, doctors, executives, retail workers and many more.


The night before

First things first. Or maybe first thing is the night before. Get some sleep! Create a 1 hour window to fall asleep, allowing for 6-8 hours rest. We recommend taking an hour before this dedicated time to switch off the television, put the mobile phone down and to stop staring at screens. This will help you wind down before catching Zzz’s. This also could be a good time to plan any equipment or clothing that you need for the next day.

Healthy lifestyle snack on table

Get a good breakfast. We’re serious. Get a good breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason. A good breakfast will kick start your metabolism, boost concentration and improve energy levels. This doesn’t mean indulging in sugary cereal and stacks of buttery toast either. We’re talking about complex carbs from wholemeal bread, protein from eggs, nuts and greek yoghurts. Be sure to make space for colourful fruit too! You can have breakfast before or after your exercise routine – depending on what your exercise goals are. Which brings us on to…


Do a workout that you love! Getting up at 6am to go for a 30 minute jog every morning might not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, we can’t all jump into a game of 5-a-side at the crack of dawn. We suggest mixing it up a bit. Bring your boxing gloves to the gym on one day. Abs blast in your living room the next. Interval treadmill sprints on another day. Make it interesting and make it worth getting up for.


Look your best. That involves your personal hygiene, your favourite hair-style and of course wearing matching socks. Take time to think about your appearance. This could be a lengthy routine of applying makeup, facial creams, hair products. Or it could just be smelling good and wearing a sensible, stylish outfit. Don’t forget the ‘you’re worth it’ pose in the mirror – and make sure ‘I’m walking on sunshine’ is first on the Spotify playlist.

Cup Of Coffee Purse Coffee Iphone Pen Wallet

Get smart. Don’t run the risk of chasing your tail all day. This means juggling several jobs and never getting ahead. Plan your day and be strategic. If you can complete smaller tasks in the morning, you’ll have an advantage. The type of advantage that allows you to become more pro-active in the day. Make sense? That’s why many entrepreneurs joined the 5am club.

Me Time

A good morning routine allows for valuable ‘me-time’. This is called mindfulness. Mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

Steve Jobs asked himself each morning  “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” A good question to ask. But to be in that position, you must be prepared to seek the benefits of a good morning routine.

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