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Benefits of exercise in cold weather

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Your daily commute to and from work has plummeted in to darkness. Frosty mornings and even frostier fingertips, furiously hacking away at an ice coated windscreen is a standard part of your morning routine. The journey home feels no better. The sky is no longer illuminated by the sun, it’s street lights and headlights and those who forget to turn off their blinding full beam. Your sole motivation is to keep warm, strategically planning your meetings in the room with all the radiators and consuming enough tea to sink a ship. With the cold conditions the longing for cosy nights in, multiple layers of socks ands copious amounts of soups and stews in of high importance. Hibernation looks tempting, but to cheer up the winter glum the opposite is true. Instead of fearing the cold, it’s time to embrace it. Getting outside in the cold and exercising can be very beneficial to our bodies and our mood. Not convinced? Here’s 3 reasons why.cold

1. Burn more calories

As the mercury drops, the calories burnt goes up. This is all down to the brown fat in our bodies. Brown fat, which is actually brown in colour, burns calories like a furnace. The brown fat  is turned on when people get cold and sucks fat out of the rest of the body to fuel itself. Instantly you’ll get more from your workout. Hopefully burning off all those pumpkin spiced lattes and Christmas biscuits you’ve been ploughing through this season.

2. Good for the heart

In colder conditions the heart works harder to pump blood around your body. Over time regular exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular muscles. If you’re new to exercise take it easy to start with. This allows your body acclimatises. You’ll start to see a significant improvement in your fitness levels. Soon you’ll be able to participate in more vigorous exercise with your new found stamina.

3. Feel happier

As mentioned before you heart works harder in cooler temperatures, so does the rest of your body.  Your body working harder is it’s clever way of keeping you warm, and therefore the colder it is the harder it has to work.  The amount of endorphins produced also increases, leaving you with a stronger sense of happiness after your workout. This in itself can really help get you through this miserable mornings, something that those who suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) (a condition exacerbated by the winter weather) could benefit greatly from.

Good to know

In colder weather it’s always important to take care when exercise. Warming up and cooling down propererly are essential to get the most out of your exercise routine. Warming up to keep your internal body temperature elevated and cooling down reduces any muscle tightness. As with any exercise, you need to drink plenty of water too. You may not feel you are working as hard if you’re not dripping with sweat, but that’s just down the cold weather conditions. Its quicker at evaporating the moisture, but the moisture is still being lost, so stay hydrated.

Now you’re converted to sub zero sessions its time you get your friends on the blizzard bandwagon tackle the chill together. Guaranteed to increase your motivation! Football, netball or hockey, we have pitches and courts to hire and one off bookings are always welcome click here or call 0330 311 0303 to find your local venue.

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