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For many September is time for it’s time for back to school, college, uni and work if you’ve had a summer hiatus. But the new academic year is also the perfect opportunity to revisit those forgotten New Year’s resolutions and finish 2018 on a high! Whatever your goals for the coming year maybe, now its the time to sow the seeds of success.

We all fall of the wagon from time to time, a year of distractions. Those first few weeks in January we’re off to a flying start, full of determination, motivation, turkey and prosecco – hitting the gym and being a meal prep pro. Somewhere along the way we lost the stamina and then came the last minute 4 week body blitz panic before your vacation, only to over indulge on the all inclusive. So for just the next three months give it your all.

To make it super easy, here’s a break down of the best ways to stick get the momentum back.

Photographic memory

Many people work best with a visual aide, not just before pictures of your current state, but old photos too. Not just from when you were slimmer, but when you were at your happiest, that sweet spot, when you had balance between fitness and fun, associating a fond memory with a photo, doubles its power to keep you motivated. Stick it up on the fridge, on your desk, in your car, wallet and every room in the house.

A dream with out a plan, is just a dream

This goes without saying, but to manifest any dream in to reality, action needs to be taken, making a plan is the answer. For a plan you need goals. Any journey, with our a clear destination your just aimlessly driving around, wasting fuel, energy and feeling lost. You don’t need to have some magnificent detailed life plan, just something that is achievable and practical. Plan a month a at a time and celebrate the small victories as you go.

Comparison is the thief of joy…and time

What do you define as success? Your definition will be different to other peoples, so there’s no point in comparing your goals to others, what a waste of time. Sure you can seek inspiration from those you admire, but why be like everyone else? There’s no need to imitate.

Bad day needn’t be a bad week

We all fall of the wagon from time to time. So if you have a bad day, write it off and start agin fresh. Before you go to sleep, think how your can do better the next day. Focus on what goals you have achieved so far and be grateful for where you are.

Have fun

Find out what makes you happy, if thrashing it out 5 days a week in the gym doesn’t appeal to you, then it’ll will never work. Get a fitness pal to work out with, join a local sport team or start your own with friends, family or colleagues. Having fun, will make you goals enjoyable, instead of turning them in to a chore that you’ll avoid at all costs.

So over to you, write down those goals and make the most of second chance September.


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