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5 successful people’s morning routines to motivate you!

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Many of us struggle with the snooze button. If you’re muttering, “just 5 more minutes” to yourself when your alarm clock starts blurring, you’re most definitely overlooking the benefits of getting up earlier. Good morning routines will put an end to the last minute dash out of the house. Arriving to work on time will not feel like running a marathon anymore. Instead, you’ll arrive feeling organised and switched on.

Learn from some of the most successful people ever and how they artist the day. It’s worth noting that every routine is different. Some are short mental preparations. Some are fast paced physical workouts that require a 5am start.  What routine do you like the idea of the most?


Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs
Some people believe you can only make a handful of decisions each day. That’s probably why you’ll see the founder of Facebook wearing the same outfit each day. This is also why Apple computing legend, Steve Jobs’ black t shirt and jeans combo became so familiar. The same outfit each day cuts down your decision making, allowing room for the more important ones. Everyone has their own priorities, so we aren’t suggesting throwing out your own personal style. But we are putting forward the idea of having as many decisions already made for you as you start your day. This could be the bag you use, beauty products, equipment etc.


 Anna Wintour
Being a big influencer in the world of fashion is no walk in the park. In-fact, it’s a 6.45am session of tennis. Nothing sets Anna Wintour up for a day of fashion journalism like an adrenaline pumped sports session. Working out early in the morning releases endorphins that relieve stress, make you feel good and boost energy levels. A tough day at the office can be squashed with an hour of exercise.


Winston Churchill
It’s said that the late Sir Winston Churchill enjoyed staying in bed until 11am. Followed by reading several newspapers and of course enjoying whiskey and cigars. Not long after the working day finally begins, it would be lunch time for Sir Winston. Still, the Ex UK Prime-minster  accomplished many things in his career. However, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you are going to get up early, make sure you use your time wisely.


Patrick Bateman
One of the most famous morning routines in cinema history. That’s right, this person is an entirely fictional character. A lot more can be said about the lifestyle of American Psycho’s protagonist – but his morning routine is admired by many. This ‘killer’ routine involves waking up hours early for a vigorous exercise routine and pampering himself in the most luxurious creams and beauty care products. If you did this correctly, there’s no doubt you would arrive at work feeling on top of your game. Looking good is an essential part of feeling good. Just don’t obsess too much to the brink of insanity like Patrick did… Joke’s aside, spending your morning routine on your physical appearance can boost your confidence through the day.

Click here to check out the clip from the film!

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