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Netball: 5 reasons to love it!

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Less than two weeks ago Team England clinched a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games in The Gold Coast. With seconds to spare and up against World Champions Australia, Goal Attack and Shooter Helen Housby scored the goal that is likely to transform the sport. Led by coach Tracy Neville, Team England have secured their place as one of the world’s best netball teams.

With the Netball World Cup being hosted in Liverpool in 2019, it is likely that the popularity of the game will soar to new heights. If that’s not reason enough to get involved, we have five more for you.


5 Reasons to Love Netball

  1. Anyone can start to play netball. It’s easy to set up, requiring only 7 players on each team. All you need is bibs to assign your positions, a ball and a hoop. No expensive or specialist equipment is necessary, making it one of the most accessible sports to play.
  2. The British weather constantly teases us with with spots of sunshine followed by monsoon level showers. The unpredictable seasons are no problem for netball, the game can be played outdoors on a tarmac games area or inside a sports hall or gymnasium.
  3. A standard netball court is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. As a result the players will be constantly running up and down the court. In particular, the player in center position has to cover most of it. This makes Netball an excellent cardio workout over a 60 minute match.netball
  4. As well as a great cardio session, it provides a work out for out for arms, it builds strength from throwing the ball. As well as improving agility, from the constant back and forth to mark the players and defend your goal. Then theres the jumping to intercept the ball, meaning its great for legs too. The breaks every 15 minutes are very welcome after all that activity.
  5. Team work makes the dream work, so the saying goes, none more so than in netball. Players are assigned a position, and as a result they are only allowed in certain areas. This means that strategy and cooperation are paramount to outwit the opposition. Communicating with your team and implementing tactics to score.

Netball is an enjoyable and energetic sport for everyone. Book your court today

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