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Team work, makes the dream work!

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Sport analogies constantly run throughout business speak; ‘balls in your court’, ‘hit a home run’, ‘down to the wire’ and ‘dropped the ball’. However much you may detest business speak, sport itself can play a vital part in boosting success in the workplace. With team sport being a perfect example of how performance for individuals and teams can improve in the office.

Social interaction is so important in our lives. Not the constant buzz of the countless WhatsApp groups or the email banter in the office. Actual face to face communication with someone else is scientifically proven to boost self esteem and confidence. Sport and the community it creates should be imitated in the workplace to keep everyone upbeat.

Your work benefits from all the elements involved in team sports. Let’s look at some of the ways in which it can increase performance.

Strength from Sport

On any sports team, football, netball, rugby, each team player has a role to play, as a result the role is created around their strengths. Playing in the position taps in to their strengths, therefore maximising play on the field. When employees find their strengths and work on improving skills they untapped their potential with outstanding results. Individual strengths alone aren’t enough to push business forward, but knowing how everyone’s roles can work together, can improve work flow and productivity.

Now that you know your strengths and how your role impacts the rest of the workplace, everyone can work together to achieve a shared goal. We may not all be aiming to lift the Work Cup, but we all have targets that build to achieve the goals of the business. Sharing in the success and celebrating is vital to keep team morale high and staff turnover low. A footballer is unlikely to leave a team that constantly wins trophies. The team can in turn attract the best players to build on the existing success. Also Communication is key in working towards goals. But talk shouldn’t always be around business. Camaraderie amongst workers creates a sense of community and makes people want to get out of bed each morning.

Sharing in success, also means sharing the failures too. At work it can often feel daunting to make an error. Problem solving is massively beneficial to discover the why’s and push on to the next steps. How do you get past the obstacle of a goal defence? Collective thinking, planning and strategising. Judging your opponent’s strategy and modify yours

Healthy Competition

Competition can be healthy in driving targets, in overload it creates negativity and isolation amongst team members. At work you can feel in competition with your colleagues to seal that deal or land a future promotion. On a sports team everyone has their role, shares the workload, strives for the same goal and celebrates in the collective success. Instead of being in competition with one another, support each other through the mistakes, just as much as you bask in each other’s glory in victory.

Sport makes for the perfect team bonding at work. You can see colleagues in a new light, coming out of their shell when given the chance to shine.  People’s level of seniority are gone and the playing field is levelled.

Looking to use sports to inspire you employees and colleagues. Find a local venue to host your team building.

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