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Make time for you. What do you want to do?

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We all lead such busy lives, from attending meetings for meetings, ferrying the kids here there and everywhere, or keeping on top of your social calendar. Often it can feel like you have no time to yourself.

When commitments get in the way of everyday life it can be easy to lose track of your own needs, wants and ambitions. Perhaps you feel like you should work out more, mediate, learn a new skill or start a new business. With an already chocker diary, flexibility is key. A monthly gym membership where you have to go at least 4 times a week to make it financially worthwhile isn’t for you. You’re already taking the children to their own games, matches or shows. So you can’t take the time out with friends to have your own game. There definitely isn’t the wiggle room to start your own class. Be it yoga, pilates or football, sharing your passion with those who want to learn is the perfect use of your time.

At Let’s Play Local we make all of that possible. Say for instance you’ve always loved yoga and you want to start your own class, putting that qualification to gained a few years ago to good use. Simply go to, pick the facility you need and type in your postcode to find the nearest venue to you.


Then give us a call to make you booking on 0330 311 0303. We can even do the venue search for you over the phone.

Leave it to us to make your booking we will get back to you. Once your at your venue we have staff on hand to sign you in and show you around. They can even set up for you if needed and help with any queries you might have.

As easy as that. A one off booking. Dipping your toes, testing the water, if the first class goes well, then why not book some more.

To get you started, if you call now you can receive 20% off your first booking.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few minutes tonight, while the kids are in bed or your waiting for the dinner to cook. Give us a call and start to make the most of you and your ambitions.

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